One of my favourite routines is SNEZNT. The roots of SNEZNT are in the works of Georg Nees, published in “Generative Computergraphik” (1969). I was 15 years old when I started programming in FORTRAN at LRZ Munich on a TR440. Then I asked Mrs. Dr. Eleonore Trefftz of Max Planck Institut für Physik und Astrophysik in Munich-Freimann if I may use the computer of the institute (an IBM 360/91) and the plotters and flatbed printers they had to do the calculations and the prints of the expanding universe I have in mind, called SNEZNT and this lady said … show me your program and then “yes you may do so …”. So my art was “shielded” in a way I recognised later as I was once travelling by bus to the computer center of MPI headquarter in Garching to see how the plots are done. I glanced through the glass protected window and saw three of five plotters working hard on my art and two people standing there and discussing about it. Normally a scientist plots a chart, just a few lines and not an ‘universe of art’. But as my ticket was issued by Eleonore Trefftz I was lucky. Looking back now I can only say “thank you so much!” The very next step has been to show my art to Prof. Herbert W. Franke and  so I could made my way …

Here are the very first SNEZNT results, let´s call them “E.T. universe, the beginning”:


The first artwork of this set you see here in bigger size:


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