LPM 2013

For  ‘the live performers meeting’ LPM 2013 in Rome I uploaded in recodeproject.com a sketch of the routine SNEKAO using the artist name ROT-13 Ervare Farroretre. The sketch is a 100% recoding of the original routine SNEKAO programmed in FORTRAN in 1976-78. The recoding was done by Dietrich M. Scheringer. I will demonstrate live how one can just use this experimental code to do art.

4 steps from ‘recode’ to your own art [ a piece of historic value ‘by the code you use’ ]

4steps_logoStep 1: go to recodeproject.com and search for Ervare Farroretre – or click on the link: Ervare.

Step 2: Click on ‘Edit In Browser’ so you can change the code. Experiment with ‘the parameters’ used for a SNE KAO artwork. In case you want to be guided for now, then do it this way:

let the parameters float startx=20. and starty=60. as they are. Change the values for:

anzinx=28. / anziny=28. / feldx=10. / feldy=10. / anzstr=3. / pwaag=50. / psenk=50.

Here you find a picture where you can see how the new settings of the paramters shall look.

Step 3: Click on ‘Run’ so the code (sketch) is executed and enjoy the result.


Make a screen capture and copy it to a Paint programm. Then do some things you like: zoom, strech, make silly things and become a famous ‘parameterart artist’. Just as you can see it here …

Step 4: send your code to info@recodeart.com until 31.12.2015 with some information you like to include so it gets known in ‘2035’. More at http://2035.recodeart.com